RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney

We are excited to share that Embarcadero 10.4 Sydney is now available. This great new release brings awesome new features and enhancements to optimise productivity and performance and provides additional support for modern technologies such as multiple devices and Windows 10.

What’s new? 

Delphi code insight

Enhancing productivity, Delphi Code Insight uses a Delphi implementation of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) to calculate the results for separate processes such as code completion and navigation. This prevents the IDE from blocking when completing and provides more accurate results.

Delphi customised managed records

Customise how records are created, copied or destroyed via writing code in various steps to achieve better efficiency.

Unified memory management

Delphi memory management is now unified across server, desktop and mobile using object memory management rather than Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). This provides better compatibility with existing code and simplifies component, library and end-user application coding.

C++ libraries

There is support for a number of C++ libraries for C++Builder including ZeroMQ, NemoTode and SOCI. These can be downloaded on the GetIt Package Manager.

C++ Windows 64-bit debugger and linker

The new Windows 64-bit for C++ debugger stabilized the debugging and provides additional features such as type evaluation and inspection for C++ and Delphi strings, STL collections and a different debug information format.

Toolchain improvements

There have been various performance quality toolchain improvements such as FireDAC access library and Windows API updates, CMake support improvements, RTL method enhancements for better C++ library compatibility, and many STL improvements from Dinumware.

VCL style changes

The new release offers support for High DPI and 4K monitors. All UI controls on the VCL form now automatically scale for the relevant resolution of the monitor the form is displayed on. This ensures the UI looks great on any monitor.

New styling

Premium and built-in VCL styles have been updated to support the new High DPI mode for the creation of aesthetically pleasing applications across any monitor.

Flexibility is enhanced as developers can utilise multiple VCL styles in various types of forms within a single application or even different visual controls that are on the same form. A default platform theme can be used. Plus, third-party unstyled controls can be used within a styled VCL application.

Cross-platform enhancements

There is iOS and macOS Metal API support, iOS SDK support for Apple’s new storyboard screen requirement. There’s better IME support with Windows TMemo styled component with FMX implementation. Enterprise and Architect edition customers can build Linux GUI applications with FMXLinux integration. TWebBrowser iOS implementation and Media Player control macOS implementation enhancements have also been included in this release.

GetIt Package Manager

The ability to display and sort by package release date has been enabled, installed packages have better filter options and Update Subscription customers can benefit from access to exclusive content.

Unified installer

Embarcadero has launched a unified installer to enable customers to install both online and offline.

Find out more

Watch the short overview video or the launch webinar recording to learn more about this significant release.

On Friday 19 June, Embarcadero will be hosting their EMEA 10.4 Sydney webinar at 2pm. Sign up here. Stephen Ball and Marco Cantu will deliver a session covering the new language enhancements and VCL updates, and they will open up for Q&A.

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