Here we are continuing to look at the Embarcadero August 2018 product roadmap announcement, this time gaining insight into the changes and improvements to the Delphi language, RAD Server, C++, and the IDE.  

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Delphi Language and RTL 

New features targeting the improvement of the Delphi language will be released in phases so that compiler level stability is ensured. The first issue that Embarcadero plans to tackle is the custom managed records, adding more power to records by enabling users to define a default parameterless constructor, a destructor and a copy operator for any record type. 

Performance and quality improvements will be the focus for the Run-Time Library (RTL) following the performance update of the REST API engine in 10.2.3. Specifically, the generic lists, large memory structures, JSON processing, and the HTTP client library will be enhanced. The RTL performance enhancement will also benefit RAD Server with improvements on the performance of the models through making JSON processing, string processing, TStringBuilder class and more core classes much faster. Furthermore, Embarcadero has noted how it is important for JSON and HTTP services to better support all standards and protocols, like borderline scenarios which are expected by other HTTP servers and clients. 

RAD Server 

In addition to the above, other changes for RAD Server include a major overhaul of the logic it uses to map incoming HTTP requests to internal resources. Historically the mapping has been rigid, based only on the URL. Embarcadero is planning to add the ability to consider other HTTP request parameters such as Content Type and file extensions, for more sophisticated mapping. With this change developers will be able to for instance, delegate the actual implementation of a resource request to a separate component, sharing the majority of the same code for multiple requests and reduce boilerplate code. This saves developers from having to repeat the same code to handle requests again and again.  

RAD Server licensing is changing slightly too – deployment licences are now included with higher end SKUs. 


Embarcadero will introduce an updated C++ 17-capable compiler, initially for a single platform, Win32, with other platforms to follow. Plus, when macOS64 support arrives, it will utilise this new version as well. Users will benefit from Clang optimisations and language support, as well as the language extensions and power that Embarcadero’s environment provides with the continued update of the compiler toolchain. Furthermore, there will be a new C++17 version of the Dinkumware STL in addition to performance enhancements. 

There are plans for further integration with CMake support so that it will become easier to import a CMake project into the IDE, and to build. Likewise, Embarcadero is continually ensuring C++ libraries work with C++Builder and are adding the libraries into the GetIt package manager. Ultimately, Embarcadero wants to enable any C++ user to easily use any app or library they choose with C++Builder, whether they’re used to the ecosystem or not. On top of that they want to bring in any C++ library into their apps easily.  

Idera has recently acquired Whole Tomato. They make Visual Assist, a Visual Studio extension which is a great C++ tooling add-on. It’s a fantastic standalone tool but Embarcadero plan to integrate some parts into C++Builder.  

The IDE 

In 10.3.x, Embarcadero aim to have various IDE functionality and user experience improvements. They are also going to integrate several items from Andreas Hausladen’s IDE Fix Pack, that Embarcadero licensed earlier this year.  

Following internal examinations of code completion and other code tooling, there are long-term plans to have significant improvements for both C++ and Delphi.  

Embarcadero hope to carefully leverage the VCL improvement within the IDE with better high DPI support.  


Grey Matter is proud to be an Embarcadero Master Reseller for UK and Ireland. If you have any licensing requests or enquiries, please call us on +44 (0) 1364 655123 or email We have plans to host another Delphi event this Autumn, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information about the agenda and where to sign up.  


Please note: These plans and roadmap represent Embarcadero’s intentions as of this date, but  development plans and priorities are subject to change. Accordingly, Embarcadero can’t offer any commitments or other forms of assurance that Embarcadero will ultimately release any or all of the described products on the schedule or in the order described, or at all. These general indications of development schedules or “product roadmaps” should not be interpreted or construed as any form of a commitment, and Embarcadero’s customers’ rights to upgrades, updates, enhancements and other maintenance releases will be set forth only in the applicable software licence agreement. 


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