Embarcadero ran CodeRage 2018, a worldwide developer virtual conference from Tuesday 4 December until Thursday 6 December 2018.

There was a great array of technical speakers, sessions covered:

  • C++ conversations with Bjarne Stroustrup and David Intersimone
  • Machine Learning using Neural Networks with Craig Chapman, Embarcadero Technologies
  • Making apps within 45 minutes with Olaf Monien
  • Building web apps with REST backend with Wagner Landgraf
  • Leveraging Class Inheritance with Cary Jensen
  • Barcodes, RFID and FMX Android apps with Fenando Rizzato
  • InterBase Change Views with Bob Calco
  • Automated UI Testing for Delphi with Michael Schweighofer
  • Robots using Arduino and Delphi with Brian Mitov
  • Application prototyping with Sarina DuPont and Cindy Zablockis

You can watch the session replays here.

In particular I would suggest you watch the session with Bjarne Stroustrup (Father of C++ Language) and David Intersimone about C++; watch it here.

We loved to know what you thought of the sessions and the areas discussed, please comment below.

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*Please note we have updated this post since the virtual conference took place so that those that could not attend could access the assets.

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