If you’re new to web app development, or just don’t have the time or resource to focus on granular development, then I suggest you try out Sencha Architect.

Sencha Architect enables you to build HTML5 applications using drag-and-drop features, so you can spend less time on manual coding, while boosting your application code to ensure high-performance. Other benefits include:

  • Automatic code generation, saving you the need to type most boilerplate code
  • The Visual Application Builder helps you to easily create apps in a drag-and-drop environment, and all Ext JS components are available for use for both Modern and Classic toolkits
  • Easily add customised components, build your own extensions or use one from the Sencha community
  • Import customised or pre-packaged themes (using Themer) to match your brand
  • Integration with Sencha Cmd – automate tasks including production build creation and code minification, and it simplifies deployment across all major app stores

So give it a go! And share with us what you create.

Productivity is a word that is being pushed out a lot, maybe a bit overused. But it is important. The more productive you and your team are, the more time you can focus on the important stuff or the areas you have more expertise in. So Architect is an ideal tool for facilitating that.

Creating web apps is a great way to kick start your app development journey.

Grey Matter is proud to be a Sencha Reseller, if you have any questions about Architect licensing, or would like a quote, please contact us by calling our team on +44 (0) 1364 655123.

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