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It’s no secret that technology changes rapidly these days. For developers, it’s important that you continue to ensure that your apps are suitable for the changing technology requirements and user needs. This requires there to be little to no security or technical risk, a cost-effective approach and ability to get your app to market quickly. And of course, this all must be done securely.

The Embarcadero Update Subscription purchasing model is a great way for Delphi and C++ developers to keep up to date with the latest technologies and features. As well as receive access to all the support you need to create amazing cross-platform applications quickly and easily. 

Update Subscription is included in the first year of a RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder perpetual licence; and we recommend renewing the subscription for a number of reasons. 

Why should you get Update Subscription? 


The subscription provides regular bug fixes and performance updates. These are important to ensure your applications remain secure and continue to perform as expected when other elements of your system move forward. 

New versions 

Those on Update Subscription gain access to the Betas and new versions. You can test out new features, provide feedback and have peace of mind that with access to the latest features, your app has modern capabilities to meet technical requirements and end-user needs and preferences. 

High Definition display support 

RAD Studio 10.3.3+ provides support for multi-monitor and 4K displays which are becoming increasingly commonplace. It’s important to ensure that your applications support multi-resolution display formats.  

64-bit support, sandboxing and notarisation

App stores are driving the removal of 32-bit, even on desktop. For instance, Apple requires 64-bit and notarised apps to deploy outside the app store. You get 64-bit support with Update Subscription.  

For app and OS security purposes, sandboxing is a growing focus, with Windows following down this path too. With the latest version, you can make APPX packages from inside the IDE.

Mobile support 

It’s clear that end-users are using mobile devices more than ever. Some of you may just have a Windows-only app currently, but in time it is likely that you’ll require it to be used across other platforms. Benefits you can take advantage of when using the latest version include the ability to keep your code in sync and your apps secure across multiple platforms and languages. 

By being able to reuse old code you can get to mobile much faster. Using a single code base improves ROI and speeds up project delivery. Productivity is key, especially when budgets are low. You need to make sure you can make the most of your resources. Plus, faster time to market, means quicker ROI.


To further the importance and requirement to gain extra value, your existing codebases can be deployed RESTful and mobile architecture with very little effort.  

It’s worth considering if you require push notifications, if you need to briefcase data and carry out DevOps (Containers). 

FireDAC and RAD Server enable you to rapidly develop and create new middle tiers and this even includes Docker support. And app tethering is enabled through a RAD local connection. 

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