Intel 2022.1

Continue to develop future-ready, data-centric workloads with the 2022.1 release of Intel® oneAPI Toolkits 

The new Intel oneAPI 2022.1 release comes with over 900 new features and capabilities to help you develop and deploy data-centric workloads across a mixture of architectures – CPUS and XPUs such as GPUs and FPGAs.

Key 2022.1 Highlights


Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler adds SYCL 2020 features to improve programming productivity plus OpenMP 5.0 & 5.1 features to improve multi-platform, shared-memory programming.

Intel® Fortran Compiler is production-ready for CPUs and GPUs and supports OpenMP 5.2 compute offload to GPUs, Fortran 2003, and the most common Fortran 2008 features.

Analysis Tools

Intel® VTune™ Profiler Flame Graph feature allows visualization of performance hotspots.

New GPU-to-GPU and CPU-to-GPU offload modelling enable performance projections before code changes are made.

High-Performance Computing

Intel® MPI Library includes new performance optimisations for Google Cloud Platform fabric (OFI/tcp).

Development and distribution platforms have expanded support, including VSCode integration, WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and Spack for HPC tools package management.

Rendering & Ray Tracing

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit adds support for the latest ray tracing techniques, including BVH traversal and intersection, FP16 data format support, Wilkie Sun Sky light sources, rolling shutter, quaternion motion blur, and VDB structure support.

Hardware Platforms

Cross-architecture development is supported for Python (via Data Parallel Python for CPUs and GPUs) and Fortran in addition to C++.

All toolkits are ready for the latest hardware, including Alder Lake, pre-release software development for Sapphire Rapids, and upcoming client and data centre GPUs.

What customers are saying…

“Moving to a cross-architecture model for application development can save significant time and money—over 5 months and $300,000 each time a performance-sensitive application is moved to a new computing platform.”
– J. Gold Associates research report

“We used Intel’s denoiser on every shot of The Addams Family 2 and were able to gain a 10% to 20%—and sometimes 25%—efficiency in rendering, saving thousands of hours in rendering production time.”
– Kenny Chang, Head of Lighting, Cinesite Studios

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