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JetBrains has announced the general release of Space, their all-in-one team collaboration solution that includes software development, communications, project and team management.

Space unifies the tools and the team, allowing for better collaboration and productivity. Plus, removes siloes within the organisation – developers, designers and management for example. Everyone works together. It’s more agile and streamlined. This solution minimises interruptions when team members are busy or away as everyone has the sight of all the tasks. It’s scalable as your organisation grows and works effectively with the remote working approach that many have transitioned to. It is there to support various business processes and workflows.

Features and tools in Space

The software pipeline tools include:

  • Source control hosting (Git)
  • Code review, including merge requests and quality gates
  • Automation jobs for building and deploying applications
  • Project management tools: checklists for planning, an issue tracker, and visual boards
  • Package and container registries for publishing artifacts

Some of the team and task management tools include:

  • Team Directory which manages the company’s organisational structure, handles holidays, absences, and locations amongst other things
  • Communication and information sharing tools which include chats, blogs, and documents
  • Meeting management, personal calendars, and To-Do lists for task management

What customers have to say

JetBrains launched an Early Access Program prior to the general release. There were over 25k customers that took part. Check out this video to see what some of them thought.

Instil has praised Space’s integration and alternative way of delivering products. Makery also praised the integrated environments and the ability to seamlessly manage everything in one place. AmberCore Software Ltd has noticed that communication has become faster since using Space.

Space in 2021

The roadmap in 2021 includes more support for collaboration workflows across teams such as marketing, design, HR, sales and legal. In addition, there are plans for more support when it comes to the process of creating and managing specifications, functional requirements, campaigns, roadmaps, legal agreements with formal reviews, and more.

Other plans on the roadmap include:

  • An on-premises version, and a migration path from the Space cloud to on-premises, so you can start testing the cloud version of Space now and make a seamless transition to on-premises later
  • Localisation, to make sure Space speaks your language
  • Video calls, both built-in and using integrations with external tools
  • Enhance, tune, and polish existing Space functionality
  • More migration options and integrations, such as calendars integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook/Office365
  • Continue to focus on integrating various parts of Space more closely, providing full synergy throughout the system, and integrations with external tools via applications

Find out more

Head to the JetBrains blog, watch the public announcement video or the overview video.

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