Many powerful applications have been created using legacy developer tools and language releases, so it can make some developers question why they would need to modernise. However, technology is changing so rapidly nowadays that these legacy applications may get left behind as they won’t meet the modern expectations that users crave. 

Although, it can be hard to keep up with the latest technology if developers don’t have the budget, knowledge or resource to do so. 

To stay relevant and ahead, developers need to plan an application roadmap, taking into consideration hardware, platform and usage opportunities.  

It’s important that users are able to continue to use the applications, and are happy with the functionality and features, as well as the look and feel. Otherwise, they may go looking somewhere else. Keep users happy and loyalty is key. 

The applications don’t just need to be user friendly, but also easy for the developer to maintain. Cleaning up unused and inefficient code may help with this. 

Here are the market trends that Embarcadero says developers need to bear in mind: 

  • Cloud 
  • Overcoming technical debt 
  • Windows 10 readiness 
  • Internet of Things integration 
  • Mobile first UX 
  • Multiple mobile device support 
  • Code optimisation 

Embarcadero has identified the following modernisation challenges that developers with legacy applications may face: 


  • Mobile first 
  • Rapid adoption of new mobile devices 
  • Converting Windows apps to mobile UI 
  • Creating high performance mobile applications 

Maintaining Windows compatibility 

  • Outdated UI styles 
  • Windows lifecycle deadlines 
  • Publishing to Windows Store 

Internet of Things 

  • Integration with smart devices 
  • Interacting with the physical environment 

Cloud and subscription models 

  • Cost and maintenance of on-premise software 
  • The changing user expectations 
  • Pay-as-you-go models 

Code optimisation 

  • Managing technical debt 
  • Maintaining code across platforms 

Read Embarcadero’s short whitepaper to see how their software can help developers meet these modernisation challenges.   

Grey Matter is the UK and Ireland Embarcadero Master Reseller. We work closely with Embarcadero and have a great knowledge of how their software is licensed, meaning we can help organisations purchase the right products and editions to suit their needs and requirements. If you have any queries, please contact our Embarcadero licensing team on +44 (0) 1364 655123 or email 

We host various free workshops throughout the year with Embarcadero, our next one will be covering C++ modernisation. This event takes place on 19 July at Embarcadero’s EMEA Headquarters in Maidenhead, with hands-on sessions lead by C++ expert David Millington. Register for the event here! 


Breathing New Life into Applications, by Embarcadero:{238673e4-1077-450a-8bf4-3e2e04ae1199}_Whitepaper_RadStudio_April2018-5.pdf  

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