Parallelism in Python Webinar

Grey Matter teamed up with fellow Intel partner, Bayncore, to deliver a technical webinar about how Python programmers can maximise their code, enhancing performance using methods such as parallelism and profiling with Intel Parallel Studio XE.

It used to be the case that you would never use the words ‘high performance’ and ‘Python’ in the same sentence. The Intel distribution of Python changes all that. In this session we show how you can speed up your Python code using Intel’s distribution. We also show how you can parallelise your Python code, and how to use Intel Parallel Studio XE to profile and identify time-consuming bottlenecks.

As noted in some of our previous blogs, Python is fast becoming one of the most popular programming languages. Particularly for things like data science, web development, Machine Learning, AI and analytics.

Watch the recording here!

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Bayncore is an Intel Partner and delivers consultancy and training on code modernisation with Intel developer tools.

Blog updated on 02/05/2019

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