Python and Delphi? I know you might be thinking – they don’t mix do they? Why would a Delphi developer want to use Python? Well, it all comes down to scriptability and library access.

Python4Delphi Library

Kiriakos Vlahos, the author of the popular PyScripter Python IDE has created the open-source Python4Delphi (P4D) library This library allows Delphi developers to leverage the entire collection of Python libraries directly from Delphi. It also makes it easy to execute Python scripts, create new Python modules, and new Python types directly from your Delphi application.

Python for Delphi Developers webinars

To help you understand how this all works, Embarcadero has created a webinar series.

In part one, you learn about the motivation and the synergies between Python and Delphi, as well as see a simple demo, and look at TPythonModule and TPyDelphiWrapper.

Watch part 1!

Embarcadero has also recorded an introductory video to help you get started, following feedback from the part 1 webinar.

In part 2 of Python for Delphi Developers, you learn how to combine the strengths of Python and Delphi and find out more about the Python libraries available, including TensorFlow, Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn SciPy, Natural Language Toolkit, Matplotlib and more!

Watch part 2!

Embarcadero has been working hard to create additional content to support you with all of this, including a guide on how to quickly evaluate a Python expression in Delphi using a sample app. Plus, how to run a simple Python script in a Delphi application, and how to easily create Python variables in Delphi.

Find out more

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