Ext JS 7.3

Despite the challenges that have come with the pandemic, Sencha has been working hard and have now released Ext JS 7.3.

What is Ext JS?

Ext JS is a JavaScript framework for data-intensive cross-platform web and mobile applications that look amazing, thanks to over 140 UI components which include grids, layouts and charts.

What’s new in Ext JS 7.3?

  • Several improvements to the Data Grid, Fields, Charts and Buttons widgets.
  • Enhancements to Ext JS Grid scrolling experience.
  • Lots of quality improvements addressing customer reported tickets. Take a look at the release notes for full details.
  • New Kitchen Sink examples and directly usable ready-to-go templates for both toolkits.
  • 30+ new fiddle examples in Ext JS API Docs.
  • Upgraded Froala WYSIWYG Editor to latest version 3.2.1.


Try out these login form examples that you can easily copy directly into your application:

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