smarter app development

Before you start to spend many, many hours creating an app that only works for one platform or one that lacks platform specific capabilities, learn how cross-platform development can cut costs and efforts.

Embarcadero’s new whitepaper: “Smarter Cross-Platform App Development: Creating Native Apps with a Single Codebase” is written specifically for mobile app developers and covers:

  • Mobile app market statistics and trends
  • An overview of mobile app development approaches
  • How to cut your development time and reduce code maintenance

Read the whitepaper here.

Embarcadero tools enable developers to quickly and easily create cross-platform native applications using Delphi and C++. Try out RAD Studio for free here.

Grey Matter is an Embarcadero Master Reseller for UK and Ireland. Contact us about any licensing enquiries you have. We run events regularly with Embarcadero to help you take full advantage of the tools and updates.

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