Ext JS Pivot Grid

Ext JS is Sencha’s comprehensive JavaScript framework. The Pivot Grid condenses various data points into a format making it easy for users to understand data insights and trends.

A classic example is sales data. A company will often have a record of all sales it makes for a given period which can encompass thousands of rows of data. The Pivot Grid allows users to see how well each salesperson performed, which cities generate the most revenue, how products perform between cities, etc.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 powerful Ext JS Pivot Grid features as curated by Sencha’s Kirti Joshi.

1 – Axis and Aggregation

The Pivot Grid extends the native grid panel using Axis and Aggregation.

  • Axis: allows you to determine row and column placement
  • Aggregation: manages the grouping calculations

There are many in-built methods available such as sum, average and minimum, for example. However, it is possible to define a custom method to aggregate data.

These features make it easier to view data as well as easily group data to make analysis much easier for the user.

2 – Filtering

Another great feature is the ability to filter by label or value, enabling users to add plenty of data to their application for comprehensive tables and reports.

3 – Multiple grand totals

Some reports and tables are more complex where multiple grand totals are required for analysis and reference. For example, a shop might want a grand total of overall orders, as well as grand totals of specific product types, or perhaps different regions. This can help users to understand and track sales, and where changes might need to be made.

4 – Range grouping

It’s possible to group ranges – see for yourself in the demo environment, Sencha Fiddle.

5 – Drill down

And finally, users can drill down to get even more information about specific aspects of data to make more informed decisions and to have a better understanding of the finer details.

If you want to create apps with comprehensive pivot grids for end users to utilise for better understanding of data, then consider using Ext JS.

If you’re already an Ext JS user, let us know your go-to features and why they are your favourites, using the contact details below.

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