SenchaCon 2021

Join Sencha, MVPS and peers from the community for a 2-day jam-packed virtual conference all about JavaScript and Sencha Ext JS that takes place 20-21 April 2021.

What will the event cover?

The virtual event will include live demonstrations and will show you how to optimise your use of Ext JS for application development. Take advantage of learning great tips and tricks, as well as connecting with peers and experts from the JavaScript community.


Day 1:

  • Opening keynote – Kegan Blumenthal, General Manager at Sencha
  • Bringing production and management together through agile digitalisation – Gaylord Falque, Product Developer
  • at Icube
  • Routing and dynamics package loading with Ext JS – Nils Dehl, Senior Developer at dkd
  • Exterminating bugs in your Ext JS applications – Max Rahder, Senior Software Analyst at Celestial Systems
  • Introducing GRUI: Sencha Grid for React UI – Celestrial Systems Team

Day 2:

  • TBC – Thorsten Suckow-Homberg – Senior Software Developer at Eyeworkers
  • How to store and manipulate large files in Ext JS using MongoDB GridFS – Laurent Witt, COO at Jnesis
  • Mastering server send components in Ext JS – Torsten Dinkheller, Sencha MVP
  • Customer insight: Ext JS strategies for building large applications – Marco Guinter Alberton, CTO at ERPlan
  • Fireside chat: the modern state of developer tools – Idera developer tools General Managers and Product Managers

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